Bost for Mayor: Experienced Leadership for Clemmons

  • WS Regional Association of Realtors Endorsement with President Kristina Farrell and Treasurer Brad Hunter

    WS Regional Association of Realtors Endorsement with President Kristina Farrell and Treasurer Brad Hunter

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I’m honored you’ve taken the time to visit my website.  In doing so, you’ve demonstrated a willingness to go the extra mile to learn about the issues and candidates that will effect our lives over the next several years.  Thank you for your involvement. In over 30 years of service,  I’ve been fortunate to play a variety of roles.  Along the way, I’ve developed the leadership skills and knowledge necessary to effectively carry out the role of mayor.  Since becoming your Mayor in 2007, I’ve applied those skills to work with our Village Council in making some positive changes in our community.

  • Grew the Village’s Fund Balance, the money designated for future big ticket needs.
  • Expanded the services offered by the Village while keeping our tax rate one of the lowest for any municipality in the county.
  • Developed the Village Compass-a comprehensive, citizen driven plan for managing the growth of Clemmons over the next 30 years.
  • Negotiated with the Forsyth County Sheriff and County Commissioners to maintain an affordable rate for law enforcement.
  • Worked with the NC Department of Transportation to secure a feasibility study of different plans for fixing the traffic patterns on Lewisville-Clemmons Road.
  • Identifying a non-matching state funding source for a critical connector road from L-C to Harper Road.
  • Realizing the potential for the Village Point area by encouraging community partners to help in creating a greenway in the area..The beautiful newly refurbished Village Point Lake
  • Improved walkways and crosswalks in several high need areas throughout the Village.
  • Initiated the 25th anniversary Community Day celebration.

As we enter the 2013 election, the issues that face our village are multiple and complex.  Solutions won’t be found in political sound bites.  Opportunities won’t be realized in traditional thinking that yearns for the good old days.  Instead, finding solutions and taking advantage of opportunities requires we elect thoughtful, experienced leadership that is willing to tackle some of the tough questions facing our community. Of the two candidates running for Mayor in 2013, I am the only candidate who has a strong vision for how to improve our community, the experience and knowledge required to bring that vision to reality and the leadership qualities needed to bring together the various constituencies impacted by our actions. To better understand my qualifications and my vision, I invite you to visit the other pages on this web site.  I also invite you to get involved in my campaign if you share my vision for the community.  Finally, regardless of your viewpoint, I urge you to vote in November, get involved with our community governance and make a positive difference in our community. Together, we can make a better Clemmons.

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